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 2003 April - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש April, 2003

Two days of lazing about, playing games on the ‘puter and going out with the Giraffes. Relaxing fun. Tuesday I finally let out some of my feelings. Allowed myself to feel them and to communicate them. I’m almost entirely over the whole mess, but there certainly are leftovers and there’s no point in letting them […]

Once again, it’s 3:00am. This time, though, I’m not sitting in front the of the computer stressed out, writing character like mad, angry and myself for not learning a lesson, worried about my game, worried about my NON-game, worried worried worried. It’s all past now. Game went reasonably well. Many problems with timing and many […]

It’s 2:57. I’ve finished writing up the characters. I’ll print’em at my parents’ place, in the morning. The morning is not very far away. Still not much of the adventure written. I’ll have to jury-rig it during the day tomorrow. I’ll harass good people for ideas and duct-tape them together into something playable by the […]

Touched a nerve. Doesn’t hurt. Numbed? Dulled? Healed, perhaps? Healed, I think.

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6 Apr 2003

Just watched Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy”. Now, I like Kevin Smith. Liked him ever since the first of his movies I saw – Dogma. Witty, funny and cute. I liked Clerks. Witty, funny and even touching for a few brief instants. I even kinda liked Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which had some brilliant […]

Find a trend. Follow.

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5 Apr 2003

Years RPing: 15 years. Least favorite character: Favorite 3: I’ll have to list four: Kevin son of Bleys, Guthwulf Ingborsson, Jefferson Carston-Waites, and above all – Jonathan Tailsworth. Male or Female characters: Male, except for NPCs I run. Oldest character: Oldest where? His age or how long ago I played? Well, since I GMed for […]

I’m half-watching the 1980 Warner Bros. cartoon version of The Return of the King. It’s bizarre, and somewhat scary, but nice in some ways, if seeing Orcs turned into Raccoons in Sam’s fantasies your idea of a good scene. Several memorable scenes: Bilbo: “But why destroy a thing of such wondrous magic?” Frodo: “It was […]

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