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 2004 May - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש May, 2004

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14 May 2004

Just installed an alpha build of Longhorn, the next version of Windows (to be released in a year or two, at the earliest). Is cool. It’s like they sat and watched all those silly Hollywood movies, the ones we computer folks always moan at, the ones that show ridiculous login-screens and user interfaces that have […]

passacaglio strikes again

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10 May 2004

Choose a band and answer the questions using its song titles alone: Are you female or male?: Boys Keep Swinging. Describe yourself: Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud How do some people feel about you: Aladdin Sane How do you feel about yourself: The Loneliest Guy Describe your ex SO: Memory Of A Free Festival Describe […]

The Playlist Meme

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3 May 2004

via belvane, pelig, passacaglio and others. A bit of a problem there, since most of my playlists are usually whole-album lists, by artist. So I’ll settle for this, where none of the songs are performed by the original artists. Not that it should matter.

פעם היה לי לייבג'ורנל. עכשיו הוא כאן, מגובה.