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 2007 June - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש June, 2007

The Thagomizer

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19 Jun 2007

It’s a semi-well-known fact that scientists read science fiction, and thus science-fiction terms end up as official science terms. It’s cooler when it happens to comic strips:

In this case, it’s also an interesting study of where our eyes go when we’re reading websites. Western English-speakers, I assume. Starting at the top left and scanning right, then left to right a bit below, then down along the left margin. That’s where the interesting bits ought to be. F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web […]

In 5 years it will be the year 2012®

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5 Jun 2007

Hah, it’s not only Vancouver. The 2012 London Olympics, in addition to having one of the most horrid logos to grace our collective corneas since the 80’s, is also into the whole copyright/trademark game. They even make it fun to find out what words are taboo to use! The Listed Expressions are:• any two of […]

Seems that in order to get the franchise for hostingthe 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver had to grease quite a bit of palms and also agree to a series of demands by the Olympic Committee, one of which is to pass legislation defining a list of terms associated with the Olympics. These terms can be used […]

There’s no army like the US Army, and it should come as no surprise one that its finest boys should be accorded respect not shown to regular mortals. This, at least, according to US Army Chief of Staff General Peter Schoomaker, who has ordered that military texts use the word Soldier capitalized like a proper […]

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