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The Soda Pop Wars

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5 Dec 2008

Cola? Soda? Coke? Pop? What generic term do YOU use to refer to those lovable, carbonated drinks we so love to drink? In the US, it seems, the popular terms are Soda, Coke or Pop, and the choice is extremely regional. Different areas have different terms, but in some places you can find specific counties […]


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18 Feb 2007

You can tell this hotel is fancier than others I’ve been to, even for a businessman’s hotel – the internet is free, there’s a European/Israeli power plug on the desk and there are 4 different flavors of soap – Cream, Apple, Orange and Lemon. Also – Coke Zero!

Black is the new Red

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8 Nov 2006

A new drink has entered the already saturated Coca Cola product family. I’ve seen it in the US but hadn’t gotten around to sampling it, so now I tried it out in the UK. I’m talking, of course, about the Coca-Cola Zero (left). The Coca Coka Zero has a rather interesting history, it would seem. […]

In the beginning… was Coca Cola. From the soda fountain to the bottling plant, to New Coke and back to Classic and Cherry Coke and Diet Coke and Vanilla and Coke with Lime, the line expanded and branched out. So until we reach the logical conclusion and are able to buy a Jalapeño Coke or […]

I’m looking through you

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18 Sep 2006

In Douglas Coupland’s “Microserfs”, protagonist Dan, ever the consumer junkie, goes wild with excitement over the announced Crystal Pepsi: The day they introduced Crystal Pepsi, I harassed the local Safeway manager almost daily until it arrived. I thought this new Pepsi was going to be like regular Pepsi, except minus the plutonium stuff that turns […]

Blueberry Vanilla

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18 Sep 2006

Two more cream sodas for your enjoyment and edification. These two were purchased in Wisconsin on our way to the House on the Rock The first was Avshalom’s Point Premium Vanilla Cream Soda, which was really good. You could really taste the vanilla in it (click to enlarge) The second was my Blumer’s Blueberry Cream. […]

With a delicious creamy filling

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12 Sep 2006

An important part of my American odyssey is my persistent search for soft drinks. Any semi-regular reader of this blog should probably know that already. The US is the motherlode of carbonated beverages and sweetened sodas, so it shall come as no surprise that I’ve been consuming a wide variety of these drinks in the […]

Soft Drink Update

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6 Jul 2006

Two short updates 1. Prigat Clear Fruit Drinks – I am very leery of colorless flavored drinks. I’m still recovering from the “mineral water with fruit flavorings” trend, which is basically an excuse to sell watered down juice and claim it’s somehow better than real juice. Or than real water. Or something. Ugh. Prigat’s new […]

A few weeks ago Virgin Inc. launched its line of soft drinks here in Israel. (Click here for the awful, loud, painfully ugly site) Now, as a fan of anything faintly stinking of pop culture, and as part of the role of Defender of Public Consumption, I bring to you the perliminary results from my […]

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