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 2006 March - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש March, 2006

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20 Mar 2006

Aack. Serves me right for reading random Wikipedia pages when I should be working. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yggsbane

יש לי יותר מדי מוזיקה שעוד לא שמעתי. הורדות ישנות שמחכות, דיסק שלקחתי מאיריס, MP3ים שלקחתי מאבשלום, דברים שקניתי בפראג וגם סתם דברים שעוד לא הגעתי אליהם. יותר מדי. אני לא מספיק לשמוע. אני לא מספיק להפנים. לאור זאת, הדבר ההגיוני היחיד לעשות הוא כמובן ללכת לקנות דיסק חדש: Frank Black Francis שני דיסקים – […]

From Language Log Q: Two linguists were walking down the street. Which one was the specialist in contextually indicated deixis and anaphoric reference resolution strategies? A: The other one.

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13 Mar 2006

The Botanical Gardens in Prague are one of the best places I know to spend a hangover or two. The snow, having spent the night piling up smoothly on every tree, bush and shrub, now seems content to swirl aimlessly about. I stand numb outside the hothouse, letting the gentle flurry meld with the white […]

Jethro Tull over the phone

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7 Mar 2006

Sitting in the office, working. Jethro Tull’s “Wind Up” playing. On the other side of the room some people are trying to debug an application through the phone with a customer in the US, walking him through some diagnostics on a speakerphone. I’m sitting here and thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice if he heard my […]

Taking her out for a spin

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3 Mar 2006

A few days ago, the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum published a survey claiming that more Americans are able to name a member of the Simpsons than are able to remember the essential freedoms promised by the US constitution. The Language Log has both a perliminary explanation of why the survey’s conclusions are misleading and how […]

Way too many pictures of Portugal

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2 Mar 2006

This is a selection of pictures from my trip, arbitrarily selected and cut down to size.

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1 Mar 2006

Walking the streets of Sintra reminds me of Trim, north of Dublin. Or maybe Kilkenny. Green green hills and country roads and old buildings and ancient flagstoned streets. An old Moorish palace converted to Christian splendor, one room’s ceiling filled with ravens, another with mermaids, the third with the banners and names of the 72 […]

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