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פוסטים שתוייגו ’books

Having finished John Steinbeck’s delightful Travels with Charley, I’ve now started reading Michael Chabon’s latest novel, Gentlemen of the Road, a break from his usual 20th century fare taking us to the Caucasus mountains around the turn of the first millennium, while putting his usual Jewish spin on things – an adventure story set in […]

    Several months ago, I started reading Michael Chabon’s "The Yiddish Policemen’s Union", an alt-history novel about the Jewish state in Alaska, 1999. It’s good – Chabon’s a wonderful author – but I stopped after about a hundred pages and moved on, telling myself I’d return to it soon. It was just too full of… […]

Reading Dylan

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6 May 2008

I bought a lot of concert tickets this week. Blondie. Ian Brown. Artists I’m not too familiar with, but that’s no excuse. I wasn’t too familiar with Mercury Rev or dEUS either, when they showed up. I enjoyed them anyway, and have since gotten to know dEUS, at least, very well. "You never regret the […]

Dylan on Dylan

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18 Apr 2008

15 pages into Dylan’s Chronicles and the prose is dense, like poetry. Lively as a newly-written narrative, not 40-year-old memories. You can find echoes of his lyrics, from Joey to Ballad of Thin Man. That’s how he writes, that’s how he lives. Good start.

About A Book

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31 May 2003

I’ve just finished reading Nick Hornby’s “31 Songs”, kindly given to me by hattie. It’s been lying on my shelf for long enough (Oh, who am I kidding? It’s been lying on anything horizontal enough not to slip off of. My shelf-space is practically non-existent, my storage ubiquitous). This book is a collection of essays […]

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