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 2002 September - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש September, 2002

…and I got it. It starts with the age-old (or, more precisely, two-decades-old) saying – “all bands go bad when they release an album in the 80’s”. It’s been practically an axiom for rock and prog fans, with the titans of the 70’s entering the 80’s at less than top form. Pink Floyd, many said, […]

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, vocalist and lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin, respectively, have released an album called “No Quarter” a few years ago. Both are much older now than their Zep days, with more experience. They’ve collaborated again to do a handful of new songs, but mainly old Zeppelin mainstays. The twist is that […]

It has happened to many of us in the past. Those of us with cars, certainly. Those who tend to ride in other people’s cars too, though probably not as often. All of us who are music lovers, who deplore the state of most radio stations, those who find the size of our little country […]

פעם היה לי לייבג'ורנל. עכשיו הוא כאן, מגובה.