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 2008 February - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש February, 2008

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27 Feb 2008

Hey, no fair. Nobody told me poetry was going to be hard work.

Just for one day

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23 Feb 2008

One of my favorite characters played has been Kevin, Prince of Amber. He was a ridiculously fun character to play, a Japanese-American geek that suddenly finds himself wielding unimaginable power as a Prince of Amber. The first thing he does is take himself out to Shadow, coming back to Amber a couple of years later […]

I like band t-shirts. It’s a bit teenagerish, I’ll grant you, but I try to restrict myself to shirt by bands I’ve seen live. I love my Pixies shirts, as well as the Dresden Dolls and the Flaming Lips. However, I don’t see myself wearing a t-shirt with a singer’s face on it. David Bowie […]

Tentacular Spectacular

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21 Feb 2008

Whoo! The Ozric Tentacles are coming to Israel again on April 4th. Who’s on? I can even lend you my copy of Strangeitude to brush up on them. (Event details on last.fm, Facebook, whatever)

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18 Feb 2008

Walking home with your bike chain around your neck.Like a Hawaiian lei, but heavy, and bitter, and chafing.

Social networks getting proportional.

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13 Feb 2008

Bloggers, pundits and even respected institutions like the Wall Street Journal seem to be obsessed with this year’s (and last year’s) buzzword, social networks. If last year it was all MySpace-this and Facebook-that, now we’ve got all "Social Networks Are Dead" and "Even Bill Gates Closed His Facebook Account". This last article notes that people […]

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13 Feb 2008

Learned Hand (1872-1961), American judge and intellectual, has given us many insights. Some of them are watersheds in the development of contract law. Some instrumental in redefining the right to free speech in the modern day. Mostly, however, he is an inspiration for the ability to have a really kick-ass name, even in the latter […]

At a restaurant today, I noticed a dish called "Bombay Butter Chicken" and an involuntary shiver ran down my spine. How long ago was this crusade launched? It must have been in the 80’s, when saturated fats became cibus non grata. Maybe later. The effect is clear. Fats are the enemy. It’s been many a […]

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