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 2007 January - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש January, 2007

Steady as she goes

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31 Jan 2007

And thus ends January, a most harrowing month for me. A month where my work, school and personal life vied for supremacy in the race to exhaust me physically, mentally and emotionally. Only 10 LJ comments during January, few of them coherent. This compared to almost double that in the previous month, and of course […]

What the hell’s happening? I seem to have headphones around the house everywhere. A pair on the table and a pair on the fridge. One in my bag and one in my pouch, one under the TV and one snaking its way around my computer monitor. Near the door? A headphones extension cord.  Where did […]

Embrace and Extend

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21 Jan 2007

Do you know when to google will be a fully established verb in the language? When you can use it for other things except for the Google(tm) search engine. “I googled it on MSN Search and found the page I wanted”. “I googled it by author name on Amazon – turns out the title wasn’t […]

Going over my bookmarks, I stumble onto an ancient, ancient page. How ancient? Well, in one page the author urges Windows 3.1 users to make sure their displays are running at 256 colors, otherwise the pictures will not be displayed properly. For those not following, 256 is the high end of the spectrum here. Regardless, […]


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13 Jan 2007

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I’m gonna open up your gate

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12 Jan 2007

You know how sometimes you hear a tune, when you’re a kid maybe. And you don’t know what it is and it doesn’t mean anything to you, but it gets lodged in the back of your brain? You don’t know who it’s by or what’s it called, but sometimes when you close your eyes you […]

Who’s on first?

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10 Jan 2007

Googling for www.livejournal.com, the first result is naturaly www.livejournal.com. The system works, as expected. Second place is another page under the LJ site, the Create a Journal page. Understandable, since you probably get a lot of incoming links to that. If we filter out all those administration pages, we’re left with 6 journals on the […]

The Squirrel as a Pedagogic Tool

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9 Jan 2007

When I’m lecturing about technical topics, there’s some element of futzing around my computer – I start with the presentation but I’m always switching over to Visual Studio to show some code, or to some utility to give a demo and whatever. This invariably involves some measure of showing people your desktop on the projector. […]

Sing me to sleep

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8 Jan 2007

After 40 hours, sleep-deprivation starts kicking in a bit. I feel hazy, temples dull and… purple? On the inside? Synæsthesia must be another side effect. 10 hours earlier, my mind is mush. I’m driving to the office, catching myself occasionally veering from my lane. Luckily the roads are clear. Have I really been up flying on […]

Tea Spin

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3 Jan 2007

לפני כשנה, ויסוצקי השיקו את ה-Red Tea שלהם – חליטה מצמח הרויבוש הדרום-אפריקאי. התה שווק בשלושה טעמים: ווניל וקינמון; קמומיל, ליים ודבש וורד הבר ופסיפלורה. התה זכה לפופולריות מסוימת, אני מניח, ואני אישית די חיבבתי אותו. עכשיו, שנה אחרי, ויסוצקי מנסים להעיר את המותג שוב באמצעות קמפיין פרסומי והוספת טעם חדש למגוון. הופתעתי לגלות שהטעם […]

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