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פוסטים שתוייגו ’amanda

Car Update

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19 Oct 2006

After some back and forth, some progress was made: 1) I’m in LA, not far from the airport. Motel. 2) Car has been entrusted into the hands of janric, via the mediation of belvane. May their lines prosper and thrive. From here we’ll attempt to move it to the possession of my cousin. We’ll see. […]


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18 Oct 2006

Ok, now I’m screwed. Seems that at some point in my DMV transactions, in San Francisco, the lady at the DMV kept the car title to herself rather than giving it back to me. Without the title in hand, dealers can’t buy the car from me. Getting a new title is a matter of a […]

Hello Dolly

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13 Oct 2006

  Of the past 72 hours, I have slept for about 3. So a more detailed accounting shall await. In the mean time, I give you The Dresden Dolls in concert:   (click for bigger image)

I wish they all could be…

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5 Oct 2006

 You know, I think I’ve subconsciously wanted one of these since the first time I played California Games. (Yes, this is mine)

Amanda’s Insides

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12 Sep 2006

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but Amanda’s a very high-tech geek jeep. Other than the standard Jeepish fare, like a 4×4 drive that we dare not touch, cruise control for those endless interstate highways and a throaty growl to keep unwary motorists at bay, we have outfitted Amanda with some new additions: 1) […]


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9 Sep 2006


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8 Sep 2006

I’ve been to hell, I spell it,I spell it DMV.Anyone who’s been thereKnows exactly what I mean.      – DMV / Primus   All my sins shall be forgiven. All my transgressions absolved. My karmic burden has been lightened, my repentance complete. Today I have suffered for the sins I have committed and for those […]

Sick Transit

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7 Sep 2006

Suit and tie, properly Italian, Joe was the very model of the used car salesman. He shook our hands and made smalltalk. He was very earnest and sincere. He took us for a ride to see a different dealer when it turned out he didn’t have anything for us. It was a shame it didn’t […]

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