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18 Oct 2006

Ok, now I’m screwed.
Seems that at some point in my DMV transactions, in San Francisco, the lady at the DMV kept the car title to herself rather than giving it back to me. Without the title in hand, dealers can’t buy the car from me. Getting a new title is a matter of a few WEEKS.
I could sell it to a private buyer without all the hassle of the title (and have it mailed to him) but even though I’ve had ads posted for a week, I’ve had no takers.

I’m stuck in San Diego, 8 hours drive away from anyone I know, with a car I can’t sell and a flight in 24 hours.


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18 בOctober, 2006 בשעה 23:03


אתה לא יכול לאחסן את המכונית במקום מסוים עד שתקבל את חזרה את מה שאתה אמור לקבל?



18 בOctober, 2006 בשעה 23:22

Re: אוי

That’s the plan, sort of. I’ll drive it to LA and leave it there somewhere – hopefully in possession of someone I can trust (if you know someone in LA, I’m listening) but if not – I’ll abandon it in a motel’s parking lot or something. Then I either manage to get the paperwork, mail it to my cousin in SF and have him do something with it, or I just let it rust, get picked up and towed by the city and eventually auctioned off to pay for expenses. Hopefully those expenses won’t find their way back to me. 🙁



19 בOctober, 2006 בשעה 07:01

Re: אוי

Don’t they have car-dissassembling-people there that would take it off your hands for a fraction of what it actually costs?



20 בOctober, 2006 בשעה 06:58

Re: אוי

Not if he doesn’t have the papers to prove he owns it. One hopes.

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