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 2006 January - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש January, 2006

Meme time!

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27 Jan 2006

(This meme is actually a cover version. The original was performed by velfadar) List the 7 finest cover versions that ever were. In your opinion, that is. Rules: You must name the name of the song, the original performer and the cover version performer. You must then choose one and elaborate as to why the […]

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14 Jan 2006

מישהו יכול לחשוב על סיבה טובה שהמחשב שלי הפסיק לקרוא CDים (גם מקוריים) אבל עדיין מצליח בלי בעיה לקרוא DVDים (גם צרובים)?

Geekness ahead!

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14 Jan 2006

As seen on a bumper sticker on Ayalon:

Help me out here

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11 Jan 2006

I’ve been wondering about the origin and etymology of the term “macro” as it is used in programming. The general use for it is to mean something large – the opposite of “micro” – but it didn’t seem to fit for the concept it’s used for. Luckily, the Online Etymology Dictionary came to my rescue: […]

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