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 2005 February - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש February, 2005

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27 Feb 2005

I’ve noticed that my spam has taken a turn lately. No porn ads, very little cheap meds, and a lot of stock tips. I think I’ll start a new divination method – telling the future through spam headlines. Judging my what I have, it seems that my love-life will be nonexistent, my health average-to-good, and […]

I keep feeling like I’m in a transitional period, waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile work goes on, school goes on, but nothing much changes. Urg.

Geek warning.

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13 Feb 2005

Only for those who are amused by software-interface-design humor.

Well, this is ridiculous.

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10 Feb 2005

The ISnoop GMailomatic Invite-spool allows people to give them their spare invitiations, and allows anyone who wants an account to get an invite through them. They currently have 1,496,944 invites available. A million and a half. I thnk Google’s kinda lost the “Exclusive” angle here. 🙂

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9 Feb 2005

By 2014, Google will have completed its plans. Check out the logo for “Epic”. Here.

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4 Feb 2005

defective yeti writes about Bush’s State of the Union address: “When action was needed, the Congress delivered — and the nation is grateful.” I hate it when politicians get up in front of the nation and announce what the nation feels. Do they think they can just bully the weak-minded into adopting the specified emotion? […]

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