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All Hail the Anti-President!

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24 Dec 2008

Am I the only one to notice that Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Confederate States of America, looks (in some pictures) suspiciously like Lincoln? It’s as if they selected an Anti-Lincoln to head the rebel alliance. It’s eery. (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)   Bonus fact: After the Civil War, Jefferson Davis was […]

The Soda Pop Wars

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5 Dec 2008

Cola? Soda? Coke? Pop? What generic term do YOU use to refer to those lovable, carbonated drinks we so love to drink? In the US, it seems, the popular terms are Soda, Coke or Pop, and the choice is extremely regional. Different areas have different terms, but in some places you can find specific counties […]

I Wanna Go Back To Dixie

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3 Dec 2008

An Ethnotelephonic Study of Ol’ Dixie – based on the work of cultural sociologist Dr. John Shelton Reed, this map attempts to map the the cultural borders of the Old South based on a telephone-book count of businesses using the name Dixie in their names. Fascinating. (Click for bigger picture)

State of Anxiety

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24 Nov 2008

There are many bridges and tunnels leading out of the familiar landmarks of Manhattan, the symbol of American that everyone knows. They lead out to Bronx, or to New Jersey, and from there on out to Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, down to Florida or all the way to far-off Idaho or California. There are maps to […]

How To Get Ahead In American Politics

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29 Oct 2006

Uzi Nissan, an Israeli ex-pat living in the US for the past 30 years, has been president of Nissan Computers Inc. for the past 15. As a computer repair and consulting firm, they bought the nissan.com domain in 1994, before auto-makers even considered an internet presence. In 1999, the Nissan Motor company filed suit against […]

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