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 2003 March - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש March, 2003

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29 Mar 2003

Brain fuzzy with booze. Chill removes effects of buzz. Can’t think of last line.

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28 Mar 2003

Today, I was very much at peace. Enjoyed my work. Enjoyed the weather. Enjoyed the walk from my car to the apartment. Leisurely evening. Am tired in the exact amount where it’s fun to go to bed. Hmmm.

A few beers. Good people. Laughs all around, singing badly at the top of our lungs. New people, old people, people I hardly know. Good food and some more beers. A fun-filled night in the heart of suburbia on earth (Rehovot). Man, I didn’t even know I needed that so much. Feeling better. 🙂

The following entry was written years ago, but it popped to mind again today. I hope the original recipient will not mind my sharing it with the public. A note of interest, though, is that Peter Jackson brought one of the points mentioned therein to life in the second movie, and properly too. The appendixes […]

I notice that I rarely get many responses to my entries. I should make them more controversial, instead of just pouring out two pageloads of King Crimson trivia. 🙂

I have too much King Crimson. No, really. I have way too many CDs of theirs, and I haven’t even got any of the 90’s and onward studio CDs. Overload. Overdose. Whatever. King Crimson are a very good live band, despite the opinion of some. When they can really rock on their extended 10-minute improvs. […]

I had a rather long entry here. It was confused, uncertain and somewhat unhappy. Unhappy, mind you, mostly because of my confusion, not because of the situation. The reason I erased it before even posting is that I managed to resolve my confusion myself. The sadness I feel is good. I’m sad because it WAS […]

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