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פוסטים שתוייגו ’tv

Heroes, season 3. Spoilers abound.

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14 Nov 2008

Heroes Predictions

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4 Mar 2008

The problem with watching a show a year after everyone else is that I can’t speculate with anyone – anyone who gives a damn already knows. So I’m going to write down my predictions here, and block all comments. This is not for YOU, it is just for me to come back to later and […]

Just for one day

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23 Feb 2008

One of my favorite characters played has been Kevin, Prince of Amber. He was a ridiculously fun character to play, a Japanese-American geek that suddenly finds himself wielding unimaginable power as a Prince of Amber. The first thing he does is take himself out to Shadow, coming back to Amber a couple of years later […]

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