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23 Feb 2008

One of my favorite characters played has been Kevin, Prince of Amber. He was a ridiculously fun character to play, a Japanese-American geek that suddenly finds himself wielding unimaginable power as a Prince of Amber. The first thing he does is take himself out to Shadow, coming back to Amber a couple of years later all decked out in anime-inspired gear, kimono and katana.

Why bring this up, you ask? Because I’ve finally gotten around to start watching Heroes, which has been fun so far. One of the cutest character around has been Hiro Nakamura, the chubby Japanese geek who embraces his unimaginable power to manipulate time and space with the shiny-eyed enthusiasm of a life-long X-Men reader. At the end of episode 4, however, we get a short glimpse of a different Hiro Nakamura, one who has come from the future. This Hiro is thinner, stronger, English-speaking and dressed all in ninja-black with a sword over his shoulder.

What does that teach us? That the networks should hire me as a screenwriter, that’s what.

I was there first. So there!

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24 בFebruary, 2008 בשעה 00:37

Actually, it seems like they may have ALREADY hired you, or perhaps that they have no need for you; after all, they already have THAT plot twist written.



24 בFebruary, 2008 בשעה 07:34

Or, possibly, having hired me, they sent me back in time to playtest the character concept.

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