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Poetry for You and Me

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7 Dec 2008

Mid-winter evening, alone at a sushi bar— just me and this eel – Billy Collins It’s important, I feel, to have a favorite poet. It’s adds that important veneer of intellectual sophistication: I don’t just read poetry, I have a taste in poetry! None of that first-come-first-served bring-me-whatever-they’ve-got-at-the-buffet poetry reading for me!  And if you […]

Covered By Blues

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5 Dec 2008

Old Blues tunes have a tendency to resurface in many incarnations. Back in the first half of the 20th century they would be blues standards that float around regionally, getting many versions over the years. These tend to be very different, reflecting the time, place and origin of their performance. When rock’n’roll co-opted the blues, […]

Having finished John Steinbeck’s delightful Travels with Charley, I’ve now started reading Michael Chabon’s latest novel, Gentlemen of the Road, a break from his usual 20th century fare taking us to the Caucasus mountains around the turn of the first millennium, while putting his usual Jewish spin on things – an adventure story set in […]

State of Anxiety

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24 Nov 2008

There are many bridges and tunnels leading out of the familiar landmarks of Manhattan, the symbol of American that everyone knows. They lead out to Bronx, or to New Jersey, and from there on out to Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, down to Florida or all the way to far-off Idaho or California. There are maps to […]

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