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 2003 May - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש May, 2003

About A Book

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31 May 2003

I’ve just finished reading Nick Hornby’s “31 Songs”, kindly given to me by hattie. It’s been lying on my shelf for long enough (Oh, who am I kidding? It’s been lying on anything horizontal enough not to slip off of. My shelf-space is practically non-existent, my storage ubiquitous). This book is a collection of essays […]

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30 May 2003

Or sometimes I just post so I can list my current music.

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30 May 2003

I noticed I mostly write LJs when something bad happens or I’m feeling down. Hmpf.

You go about your life quite normally. How can it not be normal? You’re born that way. Nothing is different, you don’t miss anything. Sure, you see other people doing it all around. It’s considered a status-symbol for some. For others it’s just a way of life. You can see that – you even WANT […]

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25 May 2003

I love it when other people love things that I love too. Incidently, the rest of the reviews there are usually good, as are the rest of the stuff the guy made for the Brunching Shuttlecocks (sadly discontinued), and also other sites by Lore Sjoberg, the other half of Brunching (Here and Here).

My air conditioning is broken. The fact that this calamity has gone unreported by the news services and TV stations is an act of journalistic malpractice in and of itself, but that still does not change one fact: My air conditioning is broken. Suddenly driving to work becomes a small nightmare. Suddenly a traffic jam […]

The Limerick That Must Not Be Named

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23 May 2003

There was once a magickal caster, Who learned his art faster and faster. But what does it mean That he has not been seen Since he uttered the name of Hast–urk!!! Taken from the Cthulhu Hymnal..

Well, my Yaki server is working out great. I have regulars already, both Giraffes and Roleplayers, intermingling in bliss and harmony. Cool. 🙂

For reasons not quite known to me, I’ve just turned my computer into a public Yaki server for my friends. It feels me with a perverse sort of pleasure knowing that all my friends – from Daphna in Ramat Aviv to Eyal in Coldlake, Alberta – are going to play nostalgic card games on my […]

Even though I’ll never need her, even though she’s only giving me pain, I’ll be on my knees to feed her, spend a day to make her smile again Even though I’ll never need her, even though she’s only giving me pain As the world is soft around her, leaving me with nothing to disdain. […]

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