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פוסטים שתוייגו ’geeking

We have the technology

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30 May 2008

Oscar Pistorius is a South-African athlete, world-record holder for the 100-, 200- and 400-meter races. Oscar Pistorius has no legs, and runs on a pair of Cheetahs – carbon-fiber prosthetics attached at the knees, which led to his nickname of "Blade Runner". His current 100-meter world record is 10.91 seconds, compared to 9.74sec able-bodied world […]

Wardriving En Passant

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24 Mar 2008

I’ve started pulling out my laptop on the bus lately. I find that it’s a good place to go over material for my studies, and most of it is in assorted PDFs on my hard drive, and I don’t print out things if I can help it. I get some funny looks, but people used […]

Kindle me this, Kindle me that.

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3 Dec 2007

I’ve decided that I want a Kindle. I need to see it to see if the eInk technology really is any good, but I really like the idea of a portable library. I’ve been disappointed with PDAs so far, as well as the readability of LCD screens, especially when I’m not home. What I’d REALLY […]

Kindling the fire.

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28 Nov 2007

Chip Kidd on Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader (warning: Not IE friendly): “PS: What no one seems to get through their thick skulls, even after untold millions of dollars have been wasted on the concept: PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO READ BOOKS ON A SCREEN…. books were always physical objects, and the printed book as a piece […]

via Fimoculous.com: 10. Duck Hunt Director: Wes AndersonThe pitch: An aging paterfamilias (Bill Murray, probably) seeks to reconnect with his adult sons (Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman, definitely) on a duck-hunting expedition through Europe in this meticulously constructed dramedy. The family bickers while pursuing increasingly speedy waterfowl and are occasionally mocked by an unnaturally critical […]

Captive audience

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22 Aug 2007

When connecting to WiFi networks in cafés, you are often presented with an initial page by the ISP where you agree to the terms of service and so forth. It’s annoying, especially if the connection drops and resumes midway, but understandable. Mainly, you have no choice. When the hotspot uses the services of 012, one […]

In this case, it’s also an interesting study of where our eyes go when we’re reading websites. Western English-speakers, I assume. Starting at the top left and scanning right, then left to right a bit below, then down along the left margin. That’s where the interesting bits ought to be. F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web […]

Embrace and Extend

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21 Jan 2007

Do you know when to google will be a fully established verb in the language? When you can use it for other things except for the Google(tm) search engine. “I googled it on MSN Search and found the page I wanted”. “I googled it by author name on Amazon – turns out the title wasn’t […]

Going over my bookmarks, I stumble onto an ancient, ancient page. How ancient? Well, in one page the author urges Windows 3.1 users to make sure their displays are running at 256 colors, otherwise the pictures will not be displayed properly. For those not following, 256 is the high end of the spectrum here. Regardless, […]

עברית, הרגילה לכתיבה בכתב חסר, מתאימה הרבה יותר לסגנון הכתיבה ה-SMSי המתוקצר. אפשר להביע יותר בפחות אותיות. קיצוץ התנועות באנגלית צורם הרבה יותר. מצד שני, האם השימוש הנרחב ב-vowels באנגלית משפר את יכולת הכיווץ ע”י אלגוריתמי כיווץ כאלה ואחרים?

פעם היה לי לייבג'ורנל. עכשיו הוא כאן, מגובה.