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 2004 October - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש October, 2004

Finally, GMail is useful!

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26 Oct 2004


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24 Oct 2004

I don’t know when the Biluyim’s next show is – rumor has it they’re playing next Saturday at the Abraxas pub in Lilienblum – but whenever it is, do yourself a favor and catch it. Take it from me. Go.

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13 Oct 2004

Common compression algorithms use statistical analysis of data to determine common patterns and give those patterns shorter representations in data. And I’m thinking – if the data to be compressed is a block of text, can a dictionary not be used to compress the data? Have the compression program have an indexed dictionary, and replace […]


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10 Oct 2004

The Uncanny Valley is the strange discrepancy in people’s emotional reactions to robots (originally). When they’re completely inhuman, they’re cute, and the reaction improves the more human-like they get – until you reach a point where the reaction flips and turns into repulsion – until you reach a further plateau where you’re again close enough […]

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9 Oct 2004

Been going over an old issue of Wired, from 1999. Middle of the bubble. It’s all about Dow Jones continuing to inflate throughout the 2000’s, much-funded little-product startups (described in glowing terms) and suggestions for all the new millionaires on which charities to give to. Oh, the sweet optimism.

Nothing quite like working at 1024×768 on a 14″ laptop monitor to give you back a sense of perspective – and SPACE – when returning to your beloved 17″ LCD at 1280×1024. Aaahh….

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6 Oct 2004

Amsterdam was great for clearing my head, but it left me dead tired. House-sitting for my folks is a great way to pass these last days of vacation in total mental numbness and physical rest. I’m experimenting on a comination of bourbon and cable TV. Seems to work. My brain’s getting moldy.

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6 Oct 2004

שנתיים. שנתיים שאני גר כאן בדירה, בתל-אביב. נהייתי רך. נהייתי מפונק. לילה אחד אצל ההורים שלי ביפו הספיק להזכיר לי נשכחות. להחזיר לי את החוויה היפואית – האותנטית, המקורית, המרעננת – של לקום בשבע בבוקר וללכת למשטרה לדווח שגנבו לי את הרדיו מהאוטו. שש שנים. שלושה רדיו-דיסקים גנובים. ממוצע לא רע.


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4 Oct 2004

While watching Spiderman 2 on the plane yesterday, I noticed that Michael Chabon got Screen Story credits – which is cool beans, since I just finished his remarkable Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay two days earlier, and he definitely proved himself a big comic fan and authority. So what does IMDB tell me when […]

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