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4 Oct 2004

While watching Spiderman 2 on the plane yesterday, I noticed that Michael Chabon got Screen Story credits – which is cool beans, since I just finished his remarkable Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay two days earlier, and he definitely proved himself a big comic fan and authority.
So what does IMDB tell me when I go to check this out – that he wrote the screenplay for a Kavalier and Clay movie! It’s in pre-production and the cast hasn’t been specified yet (which, of course, leads to wild casting guesses by IMDB goons) but this is really a movie I’d love to see.
I think I’ll also get the book in English and re-read it, possibly using the Hebrew translations many footnotes and references to get by – I can honestly say I caught only about 40% of the references that were spread around liberally.

Anyway, the book deserves its own entry, but it probably won’t get it – so just get it and read it. It’s fun. It’s good.

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4 בOctober, 2004 בשעה 10:49

Kavalier and Clay movie!

I’m so there…



4 בOctober, 2004 בשעה 12:39

and he’s new book should be quite interesting too –

… I’m particularly interested in Chabon’s next novel. Imagine if FDR had given the Jews Alaska rather than Israel. Laugh if you want, but it was a real plan at one point, and had the citizens of Alaska (then a territory) not rejected the idea, we might be living in an entirely different world today. In a New York Metro interview, Chabon revealed that “It’s a thriller set in an alternate reality where, instead of a Hebrew-speaking Jewish state in the Middle East, there’s a Yiddish-speaking Jewish state in lower Alaska.” The protagonist is a Jewish detective, married to an Eskimo, who tries to solve a murder in the community.

From here.



5 בOctober, 2004 בשעה 12:43


Yes, book good, but translation is dodgy at best. I still recall with horror the reference to “האטלס של צ’ארלס”.

How can you translate such a book without knowing the first thing about comics?

Anyway, I was in NY just a little while ago and saw a bunch of “The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist” comic books.

They be Dark Horse, and the art wasn’t as good as I pictured it in my mind, and the story sort of seemed to suck even from the biassed perspective of the novel – but still… Seeing the Hitler-getting-punched-in-the-face cover with open eyes was cool.

Dim got some (probably all), so they are any good I will find out soon. I think one of them even featured Luna Moth!



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