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 2006 July - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש July, 2006

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27 Jul 2006

When going to Really Bad Jokes, I naturally don’t expect much quality. I want it low and I want it bad. Sometimes, however, they outdo themselves: There’s a small German town near Munich called Pfilzerplatz, and the town is renowned for producing fine stationery. Anyway, Munich had a problem — the thousands of stray dogs […]

Anarchy Online, the futuristic/sci-fi MMORPG, will now feature in-game ads for the Toyota Yaris. The press release claims that “any placed advertising does not affect the gameplay” – which is true assuming that you don’t mind seeing a 2-D texture of a 2007-model car in a game set 30,000 years in the freakin’ future. What’s […]

Has an army ever managed to defeat a terrorist/guerilla organization through outright warfare? If so, what were the (documented/reported) civilian casualties?


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25 Jul 2006

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Reading the Language Log, I was recently entertained by their recounting of the New York Times quoting George W. Bush’s usage of the word ‘shit‘, and explaining that the first usage on their hallowed pages was when quoting the Richard Nixon Watergate transcripts, where he says “I don’t give a shit what happens”. It seems […]

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

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22 Jul 2006

I was planning on writing this entry entirely verse stolen shamelessly from classic poets, but decided I wasn’t quite up to it. I’m debating what majors to pick for the upcoming school year. My debate is between History and English Literature. I’ve already signed up for History, but then found out the English Lit. department […]

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22 Jul 2006

The only thing worse than feeling down-and-out is knowing that the reasons for your glum mood are so unbearably trite and clichéd that you’re too damn embarassed to talk to anyone about them.

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22 Jul 2006

There’s something about computer games that drowns you. They wrap you up and pull you into their warm embrace, and you can float there for days and days, not feeling a thing. This is much stronger in RPG type games, of course. WoW is the obvious contender, but others such as NWN aren’t far behind. […]

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16 Jul 2006

We’ve long been bemoaning the intrusion of corporate entities into the private sector, and their domination of public events. We hardly even notice when basketball teams are officially named “Macabbi Elite Tel-Aviv”, or have concerts in the “Nokia Hall”. This is, of course, not a local phenomenon. As with all other capitalistic excesses, the US […]

You know, I was really all rearing to go forward with this paranoia-meme that’s been spreading like insecurity-driven wildfire, but I figured out that I don’t have 10 people to pick that I have something to say. Something interesting or important, anyway. For most people it’s “Hey, how you doin’? Everything cool? Cool. Cool”. For […]

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