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פוסטים שתוייגו ’echobox

…and most of it is crap, like everything. But still worth observing. Dorbanot, a new site/blog, is trying to document contemporary Hebrew slang take the role of a Hebrew UrbanDictionary, though hopefully with less munging (no link – trust me. Don’t search for it if you value your lunch) Many of the terms outlined within […]

Slow News Day

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3 Nov 2008

YNet, היום: לשמחתנו, הם לא יגיעו אלינו עד 2017.

After the rain

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11 Jun 2008

More here.


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10 Jun 2008

We have the technology

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30 May 2008

Oscar Pistorius is a South-African athlete, world-record holder for the 100-, 200- and 400-meter races. Oscar Pistorius has no legs, and runs on a pair of Cheetahs – carbon-fiber prosthetics attached at the knees, which led to his nickname of "Blade Runner". His current 100-meter world record is 10.91 seconds, compared to 9.74sec able-bodied world […]

"Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?"  

Environmentalism – 1940’s style!

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6 May 2008

We must blast the antarctic icecaps with $10,000,000 worth of atomics, or all is doomed! Reading this brought to mind a particularly silly instinct of mine. When considering polar melting and the ensuing global devastation, I always imagine it to be the ARCTIC pole that melts and drowns the world. For after all, if the […]

via Fimoculous.com: 10. Duck Hunt Director: Wes AndersonThe pitch: An aging paterfamilias (Bill Murray, probably) seeks to reconnect with his adult sons (Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman, definitely) on a duck-hunting expedition through Europe in this meticulously constructed dramedy. The family bickers while pursuing increasingly speedy waterfowl and are occasionally mocked by an unnaturally critical […]

In this case, it’s also an interesting study of where our eyes go when we’re reading websites. Western English-speakers, I assume. Starting at the top left and scanning right, then left to right a bit below, then down along the left margin. That’s where the interesting bits ought to be. F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web […]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the world first bacon-powered multi-sensory alarm clock/bacon roaster. This, my friends, is what capitalism is all about. (via the Table of Malcontents)

פעם היה לי לייבג'ורנל. עכשיו הוא כאן, מגובה.