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פוסטים שתוייגו ’music

שיר של חורף

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23 Jan 2009

“למה אתה שומע רק מוזיקה דכאונית?”, היא שאלה. “איך זה לא עושה לך רע?” רציתי להתווכח איתה, אבל על הנקודה הראשונה קצת היה לי קשה. באמת שמעתי הרבה מוזיקה דכאונית אז, אם כי לא רק. על הסמית’ס והלאונרד כהן, הניק קייב והלו ריד, לא ממש יכולתי להתווכח. היא התעקשה גם על הקינג קרימזון ורוב הדיוויד […]

Covered By Blues

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5 Dec 2008

Old Blues tunes have a tendency to resurface in many incarnations. Back in the first half of the 20th century they would be blues standards that float around regionally, getting many versions over the years. These tend to be very different, reflecting the time, place and origin of their performance. When rock’n’roll co-opted the blues, […]

Tales of Girls and Boys and Marsupials

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5 Dec 2008

I’ve just read that The Wombats will be releasing two new singles during the next couple of months, which is good. Their first album was fun, though the second half is certainly not as good as the first. Let’s home they’ve learned and improved. This video for Let’s Dance To Joy Division is trying to […]

Falling Down

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28 Oct 2008

In a move that surprised everyone, I think, Scarlett Johansson released a tribute album a few months ago, covering Tom Waits songs. This was a while ago, but it took me a while to get over that fact. What was more surprising, considering earlier attempts of actresses-cum-singers, is that it wasn’t bad. This album had […]

The dog is buried here

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11 Aug 2008

Sometimes I like to translate songs in my head. Not a proper translation work, but like I’m sitting with someone who doesn’t speak the language, trying to explain the lyrics, the allegories, and jokes and expressions. I remember Lior Ashkenazi doing it to his German visitor in Walk on Water, breaking down Sivan Shavit’s “Kiss […]


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30 Jun 2008

As previously mentioned, I’ve been suffering from some writer’s block recently, especially when it came to what might be known as “creative writing”, as opposed to this bland pastime we call a blog. I either have words that sound nice but have no meaning, no theme I want to impart with them, or else I […]

My new hobby

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29 Jun 2008

Going to SongMeanings.net and seeing what Google ads are served, to see if they match the song lyrics.

מרחבים אבודים

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29 Jun 2008

הפסקה הזו הייתה אמורה להיות פוסט ארוך יותר בבלוג של ההם, אבל הוא לא התגבש לכדי שום דבר ואיבד את דרכו. אז אני אפרסם כאן את הפסקה הראשונה, שכן אהבתי: בעליה לאיילון הדיסק עובר טראק, ובמשך ארבע דקות וארבעים-ארבע שניות השמש התל-אביבית הקופחת מתאיידת ומחשיכה. המכונית הופכת סביבך לקרון ב-S-Bahn של ברלין באחת וחצי בלילה. […]

Eggs and Sausage

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18 Jun 2008

The sound was awful, but the band was good. Quiet. Precise. Bass and guitar and that’s all. And the singer lacked the intensity, but who doesn’t? She didn’t try to be Waits. No one can be, though many have tried. And the beer was flat, but the lovely bar-lady brought me an extra-large helping of […]

The Samaritan Blues

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13 Jun 2008

The new Fratellis album was released yesterday. The new Hold Steady will be released in a month. I want to buy them. I want to pay for them. Real, actual money. I really do. But I don’t want the CDs. Not anymore. It’s a painful admission, but it’s true. I don’t want them hanging around […]

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