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 2003 November - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש November, 2003

Life is looking up. Ratings, as shiffer would put it, are soaring. We have hopes for more good news soon, but that’s just our natural optimism showing. Or something. Life is good.

New meme! New meme! Whoo!

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29 Nov 2003

Taken from menschkite‘s LJ, to whom I got via iod Your meme, should you choose to accept it, is to rank the following movies in order, from COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT to COULDN’T CARE LESS. To add value to this process, you must also add two movies to the list, and remove two movies from the […]

Science according to Google.

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28 Nov 2003

How many moons does Jupiter have?

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25 Nov 2003

I just got spammed. In my own journal. How… rude. Got a response to an entry of mine saying “Hi, I added you to my friends list if you don’t mind”, with a link ostensibly to “~KaTiEz JouRnAL~” (with the number 1069665415519 in white afterwards, practically invisible). Didn’t follow the link, but it leads to […]

Memo to me:

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25 Nov 2003

Add a chapter index to the Main Story page in the Amber site. So what if it’s a dead site? It should still be prettied up.

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23 Nov 2003

You know, Ayelet (ntopaa, but she doesn’t really use it) posted the link to our old Amber site in the Phorum a few days ago, which got me looking at it again, and you know what? It’s not a bad site. The colors are a bit too dark, at least on this display, but belvane‘s […]

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13 Nov 2003

Right. Interview over. Seemed to go well. Let’s wait a bit and see. I hate that feeling. Way too tense. Silly. Also, This is fun. Building pyramids. Like haiku. Fun. Addendum: Interview DID go well. Work starts when the project starts.


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12 Nov 2003

Final interview was supposed to be tomorrow. Delayed. Sometime next week. Don’t know yet. Bah.

I don’t like heights. More specifically, I don’t like being unbalanced at a height. The lights in my room have been burned out for over a month now, and the ceiling’s too high to reach without a ladder (which I, of course, don’t have). Tried standing on a chair, or even on two. I hate […]

Current experiment: About 200gr. ground beef. A bit of parsley. A bit of green onion. Powdered cinnamon. Crushed garlic. One egg. Salt. Pepper. Chop up the greens and then just mash everything together with your hands. One egg is a bit too much for such a small amount of meat, so most of it just […]

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