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 2002 December - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש December, 2002

Many years ago, I saw The Who’s “Tommy” on television. This was the fully casted version, with Tina Turner, Elton John and Jack Nicholson in various acting and/or singing roles. While did NOT leave a particularly strong impression on me, I do remember a few things. I remembered some songs I liked, and some I […]

I just noticed that for over a week, I haven’t been listening to music. I’ve been sick, and I haven’t been listening to music. Oh, sure I put on a soft CD or two when I went to bed a couple of times, and I had some CD playing during the few drives I made, […]

I am sick. I am sitting alone at home, in front of my computer. I am sick. I am wearing a big overcoat and scarf that my mother put on me, right after she made me a hot cup of tea and before she drove me back home. She also had some decorating tips for […]

It’s the middle of the night. I’m sitting alone in a dark room, illuminated by a computer monitor only. I’m playing video games and munching crappy thai-noodles from an all-night chinese take-away with disintegrating chopsticks. Does it get any better?

It blows your mind.

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5 Dec 2002

It blows your mind, the amount of effort went into the DESIGN of The Lord of the Rings, down to the smallest detail. The Special edition DVD set features two discs full of makings-of and behind the scenes. Naturally, such bits feature lots of interviews with cast and makers. After an hour of watching I […]

Happiness is a Warm DVD.

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3 Dec 2002

Happiness comes in a boxed set. With two 6-inch stone statuettes. And lots and lots of DVDs. And deleted scenes. And joy…

פעם היה לי לייבג'ורנל. עכשיו הוא כאן, מגובה.