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פוסטים שתוייגו ’retro-futurism

The Nuclear Nine Iron

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29 Jun 2008

[via Modern Mechanix] “It’s a golf ball that can’t get lost. Minute quantities of radioactive materials are embedded under the cover of the ball so that if you carry a portable Geiger counter, you can locate it even in dense woods” In other news, scientists have created a device to help stop babies from sucking […]

Ham Radio

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15 May 2008

  I don’t know what  bothers me more about this picture – the jarring black-white-and-orange theme so popular in Modern Mechanics Magazine, the weasel-like lack of commitment about how this method MAY be common in the future, the retroactive ridicule of radio-wave  recipes or simply the fact that I don’t get why a ham sandwich […]

Environmentalism – 1940’s style!

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6 May 2008

We must blast the antarctic icecaps with $10,000,000 worth of atomics, or all is doomed! Reading this brought to mind a particularly silly instinct of mine. When considering polar melting and the ensuing global devastation, I always imagine it to be the ARCTIC pole that melts and drowns the world. For after all, if the […]

Steampunk Turtle Joy

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2 Feb 2007

  “The internal workings of their sinews have been replaced with whirring gears; oscillating escapements replace muscles and regulating organs take the place of their guts.”                  [via the Table of Malcontents] Unfortunately, the artist’s site (here) won’t load for me, and I’m left with only this low-res image of the lovely steampunk turtle.

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