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 2008 January - Miscellaneous Debris – Archive

פוסטים מחודש January, 2008


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16 Jan 2008

כאילו לא מספיק ציטוטי ויקיפדיה בעבודות אקדמיות, בתחתית הערך “מזוזה” בויקיפדיה העברית מצוין במפורש: “הבהרה: ויקיפדיה איננה מקור לפסיקות הלכה.“. אותה הבהרה אינה קיימת בוויקיפעדיע – די פריע ענציקלאפעדיע. *** חברת Hasbro, ענקית הצעצועים שכוללת גם את D&D בין אחזקותיה, דוחפת לסגירת Scrabulous. האם Facebook תשרוד את הפגיעה האנושה? *** Now that the lecturer’s ultimatum […]

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13 Jan 2008

Woke up late, and the sun was brightand the air was cold and the half empty streetsand my runny nose makes everything smell like bacon,and I felt like I was in some cold, cold European capital. Yeah.

Need more input

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7 Jan 2008

I’m looking for interesting blogs to read. I feel there’s an awful lot of good content floating around unread. By me. God music blogs would be appreciated, as well as net.culture/net.society style things. And anything you think I might be interested in. And stuff. Thank you.

Technically Dichotomous

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7 Jan 2008

I’ve had this sudden urge to mount a webcam in my house and be able to access it through the internet. It’s a bit sad that the greatest technical challenge I can see with this plan is getting the camera mounted on the wall.

No basket, no bells

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1 Jan 2008

Riding a bicycle is not like riding a bicycle. No-one expects you to learn to ride a bike at age 28. By this time, you’re supposed to have it mastered. Stumbling around, braking in panic an inch away from a parked car, is just not done. What do you mean, you don’t know how to […]

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