“Where do we go from here? The words are coming out all weird” – The Bends / Radiohead

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7 Mar 2003

I had a rather long entry here.
It was confused, uncertain and somewhat unhappy. Unhappy, mind you, mostly because of my confusion, not because of the situation. The reason I erased it before even posting is that I managed to resolve my confusion myself.

The sadness I feel is good. I’m sad because it WAS good. Accept the current situation and take it from there, and the whole point is that from here on ANYTHING could happen. The possibilities, which until now were limited to a certain subset, have been expanded. I don’t have to worry and plan and go all “what now?” in panic. I just have to keep going and see what happens.

Hmm. I feel better already. 🙂

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7 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 10:42

Sounds sound to me.



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 02:43

I wish I knew what you are talking about..



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 03:24

That would be to easy, wouldn’t it?

Always keep’em wondering, asking for more. Never show all your cards. Drop cryptic hints and vague remarks. That’s the secret to drawing the crowds to your LJ. Keep’em in the dark.
And then, once you’ve got’em hooked – start charging them. A dollar per entry is reasonable. That’s the road to the easy life.

Of course, then your journal entries start to read something like:
“scammed some poor unfortunate souls out of their hard-earned money. Oh, how I mock them”, which tends to cost you a bit in the ratings, but all in all – it’s worth it.



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 04:12

Or would it?

Oh, If only I had known about this before, I never would have. But now, it’s all in pieces. Damn and damn again.

I am truly sorry for the thing I might have done. You do know I had to. Don’t get me wrong, though – I meant it back then, it’s lamentations you hear, not really regrets.



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 09:02


That’s the spirit, yes, but you have to do it in your own LJ. What you did there was just generate more revenue for me. I already got a dollar from someone. 🙂



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 10:40

if I had a Dollar bill for every sin I’ve done, There’d be a mountain of money piled up to my chin.

In these days of reccession, you are a true Marie Antoinette.



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 11:21

Antoinette o sama!



8 בMarch, 2003 בשעה 16:14


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