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6 May 2008

I bought a lot of concert tickets this week. Blondie. Ian Brown. Artists I’m not too familiar with, but that’s no excuse. I wasn’t too familiar with Mercury Rev or dEUS either, when they showed up. I enjoyed them anyway, and have since gotten to know dEUS, at least, very well.

"You never regret the concerts you go to", says my mother. "Only the ones you miss out on."
"Well, except for that Bob Dylan concert with Tom Petty. That was terrible."


Bob Dylan, Chronicles, volume 1, p.148:

"I’d been on an eighteen month tour with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. It would be my last. I had no connection to any kind of inspiration. Whatever was there to begin with had all vanished and shrunk. Tom was at the top of his game and I was at the bottom of mine. I couldn’t overcome the odds. Everything was smashed. My own songs had become strangers to me, I didn’t have the skill to touch their raw nerves, couldn’t penetrate the surfaces."


Dylan shovels similes and metaphors like coal into an engine, keeping the narrative train going, shooting off in all directions, driving the point home.

The fourth chapter, encompassing his 1987 burnout, shows it well:

"It was like carrying a package of heavy rotting meat. I couldn’t understand where they came from. The glow was gone and the match had burned right to the end. I was going through the motions. Try as I might, the engines wouldn’t start".

Occasionally it get tiresome.

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7 בMay, 2008 בשעה 11:30

I was at that awful show, about the time I was in the army. it was the one in Jerusalem when the power cut out halfway through and couldn’t be restored. I’m not sure if that was worse than the earlier one in Tel-Aviv where they got to finish the set. Perhaps Dylan slipped the electricians some cash, just to get out of there.



13 בMay, 2008 בשעה 18:55

This is one awesome entry.

I wish my mom had impressions of Dylan concerts to share with future generations.

Also #2 – if there’s no one in queue for The Chronicles + this is one of the Will Let Out The Door books – I’ll be happy to, yes, well.



13 בMay, 2008 בשעה 20:06

Re: This is one awesome entry.

Just finished it today, and you’ve been placed at the very top of the list.
When’d’ya want it?



18 בMay, 2008 בשעה 19:26


I believe I owe you a birthday visit.

How abouts when I come then?

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