In 5 years it will be the year 2012®

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5 Jun 2007

Hah, it’s not only Vancouver. The 2012 London Olympics, in addition to having one of the most horrid logos to grace our collective corneas since the 80’s, is also into the whole copyright/trademark game. They even make it fun to find out what words are taboo to use!

The Listed Expressions are:
• any two of the words in list A below
• any word in list A with one or more words in list B below

‘Two Thousand and Twelve’
‘twenty twelve’
‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, ‘Bronze’

(All data taken from their Brand Guidelines site and Games Marks PDF)

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8 בJune, 2007 בשעה 03:45



8 בJune, 2007 בשעה 21:17

Can one actually trademark numbers and random English words? Wow.
So if I say I want to play games in Summer of 2012 now I need to pay them? o.O

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