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5 Apr 2003

Years RPing: 15 years.

Least favorite character:

Favorite 3: I’ll have to list four: Kevin son of Bleys, Guthwulf Ingborsson, Jefferson Carston-Waites, and above all – Jonathan Tailsworth.

Male or Female characters: Male, except for NPCs I run.

Oldest character: Oldest where? His age or how long ago I played?
Well, since I GMed for most of my immature years, my oldest real character would be Jonathan Penn, tomented Brujah-against-his-will.

Most popular: Jonathan Tailsworth, Duke of Alsace. Too cute to hate.

Character never played: Lizard King, aging hippy living his life in his music-filled motor home. Aborted character in an Unknown Armies game who simply didn’t fit in.

Which character of yours would be most likely to…

Jump off a bridge: Jonathan Penn, depressed and self-centered.

Kill someone in an unorthodox manner: Logan, an Ars Magica wizard who turns into a wolverine in a murderous rage. (How original, huh?)

Get married: Kevin. He’s a romantic and he doesn’t usually thinks things through.

Be too hyper: Nicholas Caramenellis. Workaholic vampire.

Rape someone: Hmm. Jonathan Penn was almost in a position where he would have, given the alternatives of raping the woman or watching her be killed.

Be raped: Hmpf. Jonathan Tailsworth, if anyone.

Get lost and refuse to ask for directions: Daramus ab Montem, Magus extraordinaire.

Get lung cancer: Nicholas, but he’s a vampire now.

Star in a horror movie: Lizard King, as the comic relief.

Star in a whore movie: Jonathan Tailsworth, though he wouldn’t necessarily understand what’s going on until a while later.

Star in a video game: Kevin.

Have a torrid gay love affair: Kevin. He even did, in a dream.

Character who best exemplifies each following word:

Love: Jonathan Penn.
Hate: Jonathan Penn. (Two sides of the same coin, for him).
Family: Kevin.
Money: Nicollo, from Seventh Sea.
Seduction: Jonathan Tailsworth.
Lies: Nicollo.
Tragedy: Feldegast, the horribly twisted Magus.
Comedy: Again, Feldegast. He can turn any pain into a laugh.
Manipulation: Nicholas Caramenellis.
Violence: Guthwulf. It’s a way of life.
Politics: Nicholas again.
Fire: Jonathan Tailsworth. Always jumping about, never resting.
Ice: Nicholas. Cool as a cucumber.

Would you ever play:

A prostitute: Yes.
A musician: Nicholas would have been, had he talent.
A pilot: Umm, yes.
A homosexual: Yes.
A pedophile: Probably not.
Politician: Nicholas Caramenellis, in Vampire politics.
A character for the sole purpose of smut: Umm, no. More fun when they actually have PERSONALITY.
A character involved in an incestuous relationship: Possibly, in the right set of circumstances.

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