“I made it through the wilderness” – Like a Virgin / Madonna

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14 Apr 2003

Once again, it’s 3:00am. This time, though, I’m not sitting in front the of the computer stressed out, writing character like mad, angry and myself for not learning a lesson, worried about my game, worried about my NON-game, worried worried worried.

It’s all past now.
Game went reasonably well. Many problems with timing and many problems with the plot – they were just led along, not really much for them to do other than follow. Didn’t use dice and mechanics enough – I don’t know why, I just don’t feel comfortable. It seems so… random. Pointless. Why does it work well in Aya’s or Dicky’s games, but feels so contrived in mine? I really need to get to the bottom of that.

Players said they enjoyed it, but I know where my weak points are. I’m good with the dramatic scene, the grand confrontation. Melodrama and explosions galore.
But plot? Leading it along? Giving them something to actually DO? No, sorry. Not my forte. I have the cut-scenes planned, but not the in-between.
Destined to a carreer as a co-GM, it seems.

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13 בApril, 2003 בשעה 23:18

Plot can be improvised too.

I improvise plot by giving the players enough hints to the possible ‘exit methods’ from the current scene towards the next one. I only lead the players by the nose if they miss my hints entirely.
Your scenario was a horror scenario, right? There’s not much for the characters to do but follow the trail anyway.
Perhaps you should try a more characters based scenario, where the scenes arise naturally from the characters and their interrelationships.



16 בApril, 2003 בשעה 04:04

You are silly.

Your game was Xelent.



16 בApril, 2003 בשעה 09:23


יש לך את כל מה שצריך בשביל להיות מנחה מצויין יום אחד.
הדבר העיקרי שחסר לך זה ניסיון ואימון.
אין צורך לייעד לעצמך חיי שחקן ועוזר מנחה.
אף אחד לא נולד מנהח גדול, הופכים לזה מניסיון.


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