Children must not be allowed to view poultry online!

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15 Apr 2007

This is what happens when you go, innocuously enough, to Webster’s Online Dictionary and ask for the definition of a male rooster:


I’m sorry, the word you requested may be inappropriate for children.

We require a password to view the page.
The answer to any of these questions is a valid password for this page:

1. Cher’s former partner’s last name (4 letters)

2. The cube root of twenty seven (5 letters)

3. The “incident” before the Vietnam War (6 letters)

4. The theory that physiology and physics are drivers of economics (15 letters)

5. A good mustard (5 letters)

Three out of five. Not bad.


And the nice thing is that the actual entry hardly contains any inappropriate words. A bit in Romanian and Russian, but that’s it.

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27 בApril, 2007 בשעה 15:07


have you found out the answers to nos. 3 and 4 yet?




3 בMay, 2007 בשעה 15:29

Once I had an on-line dictionary… Everybody could use it, even children. But the first word it gave to the Russhian letter “e” was very inappropriate – and not only for children.
So, in my opinion, that system isn’t bad at all.=)

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