War. War never changes.

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25 Dec 2006

Just been reminded that not only is Fallout (and Fallout 2) one of the best games in (not so) recent years, it also has a wonderful intro movie.

In different news, been disappointed with NWN2 lately. Worried about the rumor of a 1st-person Elder Scrolls-style Fallout game in the works. Interested in the rumor of a Fallout MMORPG, even though the dates for it are pretty far in the future right now.

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25 בDecember, 2006 בשעה 15:03


drool and nostalgia. Two of the bset, indeed, especially played is sequence.



26 בDecember, 2006 בשעה 06:38

I never played these… What a shame…

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