The grass is greener on the other side

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30 Sep 2006

In Boston, we could smell it coming from street-level apartments, wafting through the windows.

In Montreal, where it’s legal for medicinal purposes, you could smell it on the streets of the trendy Latin Quarter. It’s illegal to smoke anything indoors these days, but as long as you’re standing outside the pub, you might as well light up a joint.

In Denver a bunch of teenagers were sitting in the State Park in front of the state capitol building, toking up. It was just after lunchtime.

In Seattle tonight, I was taking the bus. A young kid next to me was plugged into his iPod, cheerfully rapping along to the music as he divided his pile of weed into smaller baggies. The other guy sitting near raised an eyebrow, shook his head and smiled a weary smile

It may not be legal in the US, but that’s only a technicality, at least in the states I was in. Only a matter of time.

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