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30 Sep 2006

(Sorry for the delay. Never got around to this one)

In Montreal, on every fair-weathered Sunday, people congregate at the foot of Mount Royal (and isn’t it strange to have that in English, in Montreal of all places?) for the Tam Tam.
As the name implies, much drumming is involved. People come around with their own drums, sit on the benches and join the rhythm. Some people who know what they’re doing set the beat and the others join along. Occasionally someone gives a counterpoint or goes off on a solo. People dance, some of them high on the beat, some on the ever-present marijuana. It’s great fun for everyone.


The park leads onwards to more wooded areas, where young men (and women!) dressed in their duct-tape finery parade around with their battle-weiner LARP swords and whack each-other into submission. No roleplaying there, I’m afraid, but some of the equipment was rather well made.


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