The Cheesegrease Manifesto

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29 Sep 2006

(This entry was originally written as a comment in someone else’s blog. This may explain stylistic inconsistencies as I try to clean it up, stretch it out and generally make it more palatable than the food it describes)

The following statement will shock and surprise no-one:

Cheap restaurant food is extremely greasy.

Seriously, if you want to eat out for less than $20 per entree here in the US, you’re going to get greasy, greasy food. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mexican, Chinese, pizza or the ubiquitous McClones – you want to eat healthy, you’ll have to shell out.
I’m trying to think of equivalent cheap-eat places in Israel. While some are fatty and greasy enough to satisify any American fast-food devotee, Hummus by itself is less of an instant cardiac case and fresh vegetables are much prevalent even in the cheapest eateries.

Another thing – I heard a radio commercial a few days ago urging housewives to make sure their family eats 3 servings of dairy a day – milk, cheese and cream. Even if we ignore the 50’s-ish Lady’s Home Journal tone, we’re talking about urging people to add even more milkfat to their already saturated diet. This is prevalent in most places I’ve eaten – if all else fails, smother it in cheese. If really desperate, use two different cheeses.
You can say what you want about the importance of keeping Kosher but at least it prevented the cheese-smother from invading the Israeli fast-food mindset.

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30 בSeptember, 2006 בשעה 06:02


Vegan food is cheaper than $20 an entree.

Oh, and will you be going through Portland (OR)? I was just there on vacation…



30 בSeptember, 2006 בשעה 07:32

Re: Psst…

But vegan food doesn’t have that certain je-n’est-sais-pa… oh, wait. I know what it is. It’s meat. It doesn’t have meat.

Anyway, finding good vegan places requires WAY too much effort. I mean, a whole Google search?!

As for Portland? I am, I suppose. It’s on the way from Seattle down to ‘Frisco. Anything interesting there?



30 בSeptember, 2006 בשעה 15:26

Re: Psst…

You MUST visit Powell’s City of Books:
I kept buying more books than I knew how to pack in my luggage for the return trip. The bookstore is not only bigger than New York’s The Strand (sorry), but it is friendlier and more inviting. I particularly liked their Hawthorne location, but the main store is impressive.

I stayed at this hostel:
It’s on SE Hawthorne, about 15 minutes from downtown Portland. The area is full of used bookstores and cafes (often combined into a single establishment), pubs (Portland is another of those microbrewery capitals), knick-knack stores, vintage clothes, vegan places to eat, etc. It’s a bit Shenkein-esque. You can go to the Bagdad for beer and a movie:
Today they’re doing a booksigning with Bruce Campbell to be followed by a screening of Army of Darkness!

If you prefer, there’s another hostel closer to the city center:

If you find him, please say hello to Dino for me. He’s the gypsy offering card/palm readings and a shoeshine in front of the Pioneer Courthouse.

There’s more, but I was interrupted and lost my train of thought. No idea what I meant to tell you. Maybe this:

P.S. How come you never called while you were still in New York?

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