Tooting my own horn.

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5 May 2006

In the interest of content segregation and expanding my options into newer markets, or whatever, I have started (a while ago) to write my music-related journal entries (which are the majority, as of late) on, which is a really cool site for me to obsess about my music. So I do.

Anyway, since people have given me nasty looks about writing things away from my journal, I decided to go halfway towards those curmudgeons by syndicating my entries here in LJLand. If anyone is interested in my rantings and ravings on all things things Euterpian, they can be found on, or added to your friends-list via yggdrasil_music.

Warning: Since I cross-posted some entries here, some of the syndicated entries may seem like duplicates. They are. Everything is fine. Do not adjust your set. Everything will be back to normal in 5… 4… 3…

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6 בMay, 2006 בשעה 21:06

I’m assuming it’s ALSO your blog he wanted. Thanks, in any case. It’s always nice to be formally invited.

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