New Excuses for the New Millenium.

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9 Apr 2004

No longer shall the modern, tech-savvy woman of the 21st century bail out of unwanted propositions with outdated excuses.
No, in this day and age of shampoos of almost otherworldly power, the old “Sorry, I can’t tonight – I’m washing my hair” has lost its charm and respectibility.
No, today’s woman shall stand up straight and say “Sorry, I can’t tonight – I’m defragmenting my hard drive”.

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9 בApril, 2004 בשעה 13:10

I wonder if this statement has other, hidden meanings, since one does not have to be present to watch a hard drive being defragged.

Unless, of course, one decides that they want to do it themselves, bit by bit.

If this is the case, my friend, I would advise you to stay away from such women… 😉

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