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21 Dec 2003

(From lukkke)

“Copy this in your journal, highlight the phrases at which you are similiar to me, and replace the others which factual life phrases.
01. I live on my own, with a flatmate.
02. I don’t really have a lucky number.
03. I’m a quick learner
04. I like all seasons equally.
05. I tend to know a little about a lot.
06. I don’t have any children.
07. I am the younger child.
08. I pity people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I am an internetoholic
10. I love music.
11. My musical taste tends to be eclectic, with a strong focus on rock.
12. I can take or leave vintage Israeli music, though there are cool things there.
13. I don’t like asking people for favors.
14. I was quite recently released from the army.
15. I’m not at work right now.
16. I’ve never broken any bones.
17. I can usually spot the more trivial issues in my life and not be bothered by them, though I’m usually not bothered by large issues either.
18. I have few regrets in my life.
19. I love making people laugh and smile
20. I’m not very good at first impressions. I need to know people better to be relaxed.
21. I like windy winter days. Winter is good.
22. Rain is also fun, especially when I’m indoors.
23. Summer is great, but too sweaty.
24. I would probably like Spring and Autumn if we had them here.
25. I tend to seek the interesting details, though the bigger picture also interests me.
26. I’ve never really been a “Carpe Diem” kind of person. I find I usually get around to what I want eventually.
27. I don’t believe in religion, church, or god.
28. And I never did.
29. I don’t see myself at being particularly conservative nor particularly revolutionary.
30. right now, I am not eating anything.
31. I wear glasses.
32. This list is fun to do.
33. Just like I thought it would be.
34. I would rather break up with someone than cheat on him/her.
35. I’ve never been to the top of the Empire State Building.
36. Nor the Eiffel tower (I was to lazy to wait in the long queue.)
37. I know a lot of Israeli songs, but seldom listen to them.
38. I sing off-key and I have a terrible voice, but I don’t let that stop me.
39. The radio in my car is in constant use. Can’t live without it.
40. There are probably other bored people on my Friends list who would do this meme.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. I don’t do newspapers.
43. I love the feeling of a vague future.
44. I’m an eternal optimist.
45. I’m good at compromises – I can adapt to practically any situation. Whether this is a good thing or bad is a matter of opinion.
46. My desk at work is decorated with many papers in an disorganised pile.
47. Italian food seems to be going strong for me lately.
48. My sugar-and-chocolate intake is at an all-time low. Good.
49. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, though that slowed down again when I started working. A pity.
50. Haven’t been seeing many movies lately. Don’t miss them.
51. I have the urge to know everything.
52. Chocolate is overrated.
53. I love to read.
54. and I also love pasta
55. I like being with my friends
56. I want to see Ireland.
57. I don’t have a problem with authority figures, I just tend to ignore their authority.
58. I don’t like introducing music to people, since I’m afraid they won’t like songs that I am passionate about.
59. I can see myself moving to a different country, though I’ll always be an Israeli, at heart.
60. Not much of a LARP fan. Give me a good table-top any day.
61. I intensely dislike cigarettes. Other sorts of smoke are much more acceptable.
62. I tend to be mellow and agreeable, and to avoid conflicts.
63. I like riddles and puzzles and mind-benders and stuff. Fun.
64. I am politically opinionated but uninvolved. Don’t ask me how it works.
65. I tend to take people at face value, which is a problem with dishonest people.
66. I never had my picture in the paper, but I get 11 results on Google, so it’s better.
67. The results are my LJ, various RPG campaign sites and a bit of Bowie trivia.
68. I hate when my nose is runny
69. I like Monty Python movies.
70. I can’t eat green peppers for the world.
71. I’m an OK cook when I actually get up off my lazy ass and make something.
72. I know a bit about chemistry.
73. I enjoy playing RP’s and guiding them.
74. I have no piercings or tattoos.
75. I’d get a tattoo, only I can never decide on something that I would want to permanently imprint on my skin.
76. I’m a hoarder, it’ hard for me to throw stuff away.
77. My childhood was spent technically in Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Hasharon and Toronto, but practically it was inside my head and my books.
78. I find it hard to concetrate at home.
79. I don’t do newspapers. Didn’t I say that already?
80. I kinda breezed by high school. Didn’t pay much attention.
81. Liver is nice. Flavor and texture, both.
82. Science fiction remains my favorite style of literature.
83. Harps are a rather odd musical instrument.
84. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard Ninet Taieb.
85. I flunked out of Officer’s training early over a physical clause, and have been thankful ever since.
86. I don’t like shopping for clothes. I want them to appear magically in my closet without a fuss.
87. I like my computer. Almost a year old and not yet showing his age.
88. I think post-modernism is great fun, though not something to base your life around.
89. I don’t play an instrument or read musical scores, though I wish I did.
90. I wouldn’t want to live in France.
91. I do not have any special sentiments for or against the French.
92. I got REALLY drunk twice, and have tried to avoid that since.
93. I want to solve a 10000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Someday.
94. I believe that somebody will read me list. Hello somebody!
95. I still have a lot to learn.
96. I like teaching people things, though I tend to get impatient.
97. I feel young.
98. And I hope that won’t change. Ever.
99. I love cats and dogs.
100. Whew. Took me a while.

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21 בDecember, 2003 בשעה 08:55

“Hallo, sombody!”

Hallo, luv 🙂

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