“News had just come over, we had five years left to cry in” Five Years / David Bowie

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28 Jul 2002

Seventeen, as the case may be.

This is simply too cool. It’s distant enough to not worry about seriously, and fantastic enough to tickle the fancy of every science-fiction fan around.

In seventeen years, asteroid “2002 NT7” is scheduled to hit the Earth. On the first day of February, no less. Scientists have been unable to pin the precise hour, though. A shame. I don’t know if I should go to work that day or simply take the day off and go on a shopping spree, taking advantage of the “End of the World Sale” or “Special Asteroid Price!”.

Sci-fi books about approaching asteroids are filled with panic and looting, world-wide chaos and fear.
All I can think of, when this one gets nearer, is McDonalds having a special-edition Chicken McAsteroid meal, and a whole bunch of would-be witty t-shirts.
The strange thing is that it makes me feel GOOD about this world, dammit!

Let the masses be pacified by Chocolate Asteroid Fudge ice-cream and asteroid-shaped earring. It’s a hell of a lot better than fear. Definitely better than panic.

Who ever said crass materialism and capitalistic globalization is bad?

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28 בJuly, 2002 בשעה 13:11


At least I’ve managed to finish THHGTTG trilogy in time. 🙂

Having a science fiction plot materialize in your own life time (though short it may prove to be) is way cool. What’s next? ETs interviewd on TV?



29 בJuly, 2002 בשעה 22:59

Stay of execution

I just read we’ve got an extra 41 years!




30 בJuly, 2002 בשעה 03:51

Re: Stay of execution

A shame, really.
Finally, a threat that is absolutely, undeniably and in all respects NOT caused by our own actions, and now we can’t even use THAT to make us feel good about ourselves.

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