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14 Sep 2003

Too much coffee…
For the past two weeks I’ve been living on cheap machine-made coffee, copious amounts of which have been necessary to keep my on my toes. I’ve been working days outside the army since the beginning of the month, experiencing some civilian-grade facilities that really make me understand what a shitty place – environment-wise – the army is to work for. CARPETS, for one thing. And decent workspaces. And coffee. Oh, coffee.
Anyway, I may have moved here to work for the length of September, but I left some unfinished work back in Zrifin, work that still needs to be done. What to do? What to do?
So we work Fridays. And we work nights. And we jump back and forth. And we skip sleep every other night. Rather fun, actually – my job has never been to intense, and I enjoy the thrill of being REALLY busy for once. But it really gets to you after a week or two. I can deal with the fatigue, but today was the first time I really felt the caffeine jitters. Holding my hand up in front of me, I can FEEL myself struggling to keep the fingers still. Loosening my hold, I can see one finger trying to jump about of its own will. I pace, I jump, I listen to ridiculously loud and fast music – but still my leg is tapping nervously on the floor and I can hardly sit still. I think I’ve imbibed more caffeine since the start of September than I have in my entire life, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I’m amused by the situation but it’s really no fun.
Oh well. Will pass. It’s either that or fatigue, and I haven’t time for that yet. Most of the Tzrifin work is done, though – now just corrections and updates.

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14 בSeptember, 2003 בשעה 13:06

Too much coffee”, you say?
Aren’t you supposed to be in that cool “extra” course, by now? What up with all the army work, all of a sudden?



14 בSeptember, 2003 בשעה 14:08

I AM in that extra course – where else would I have access to a shiny new machine producing effeminate European coffees?
But work I have left unfinished has come back to haunt me, and I figured that as a parting grace I will actually make the effort. 🙂

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