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פוסטים שתוייגו ’music

יש לי חבר עם העדפה מוזיקלית שלא בהכרח נגזרת מסגנון הלהקה או ההשפעות המוזיקליות שלה. לא, הוא אוהב אלבומים ראשונים של להקות צעירות. בעיקר ישראליות. ואני מבין מאיפה זה בא. יש באלבומים הראשונים, מצד אחד, חספוס שהופך אותם למאד אישיים וישירים. ומצד שני, הם מכילים בהרבה מקרים תוצרים של שנים. אלבום שני לרוב מופק תחת […]

Reading Dylan

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6 May 2008

I bought a lot of concert tickets this week. Blondie. Ian Brown. Artists I’m not too familiar with, but that’s no excuse. I wasn’t too familiar with Mercury Rev or dEUS either, when they showed up. I enjoyed them anyway, and have since gotten to know dEUS, at least, very well. "You never regret the […]

Dylan on Dylan

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18 Apr 2008

15 pages into Dylan’s Chronicles and the prose is dense, like poetry. Lively as a newly-written narrative, not 40-year-old memories. You can find echoes of his lyrics, from Joey to Ballad of Thin Man. That’s how he writes, that’s how he lives. Good start.

You would think that I would really hate the Kings of Convenience. I only listen to them when I’m feeling particularly bad.  They seem to alleviate more than absorb, though, and manage to avoid being tainted by the very things they come to help.

I like band t-shirts. It’s a bit teenagerish, I’ll grant you, but I try to restrict myself to shirt by bands I’ve seen live. I love my Pixies shirts, as well as the Dresden Dolls and the Flaming Lips. However, I don’t see myself wearing a t-shirt with a singer’s face on it. David Bowie […]

Keith Jarret

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21 Nov 2007

There is something exhilarating in listening to Keith Jarret in the rain.I took this walk to ease my mind, thinking of all the lost loves he’s comforted since Köln,and probably will again. My electrocutables in a deep, dry pocket.My glasses in another, I can’t see anything anyway,I walk in the rain, and listen to Keith […]

Axes and Revelations

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13 Nov 2007

Have I written about Electrelane‘s Axes yet? I’m pretty sure I wrote about the band, but not the album. After The Power Out sunk into my system, I grabbed this dark-grim-purpled-packaged CD with much trepidation, the sort you get when listening to a second album by a new band. To my relief, it proved to […]


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16 Mar 2007

Morrissey: “I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that’s saying something for a vegetarian.”

1. She sang a cover version of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. 2. The narration on her 1992 album “Kirya” was performed by Iggy Pop. 3. I don’t have anything interesting for number three.

Pulled away, lifted out of reach

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19 Feb 2007

Christ on a stick!I was looking for CDs of Lifter Puller, Craig Finn‘s pre-Hold Steady band, and was repeatedly failing.Looked for them in used CD stores – no luck. Looked for them on the internet – no luck. Not to buy, not to download. Legally, illegally – nothing. Even Django’s, which I avoid buying from […]

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