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Steampunk Turtle Joy

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2 Feb 2007

  “The internal workings of their sinews have been replaced with whirring gears; oscillating escapements replace muscles and regulating organs take the place of their guts.”                  [via the Table of Malcontents] Unfortunately, the artist’s site (here) won’t load for me, and I’m left with only this low-res image of the lovely steampunk turtle.

Because it’s funny.

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18 Dec 2006

Interweb P.I.

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4 Dec 2006

“Damnedest thing I ever seen, detective…”“I’ve seen damneder”. This line alone is worth subscribing to the halfpixel blog and comic strips.

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14 Sep 2005

Defective Yeti on the Logan vs. Wayne case.

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17 Aug 2005

Oh, well. It was a nice dream while it lasted. No Walken for you – come back, four years!

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