“A Pirate’s Life for Me” – Traditional

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17 Aug 2003

I can’t believe I saw Pirates of the Caribbean twice, two days in a row. Sheesh.
It’s a fun movie and I won’t bother counting the things I liked, but here’s just one:

To get to the Isle de Muerte, Sparrow used a compass that doesn’t point north.
That is just WAY cool. Especially the fact that they never explain it. Our imagination always makes it more interesting.

I really should find Tim Powers’ “On Stranger Tides” and read it again. I remember it as GREAT pirate-voodoo-curse fun.

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“A Pirate’s Life for Me” – Traditional



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תמדי הייתי בטוח שהמיי-וואי זה בעצם גארי אולדמן שר כמו סיד וישס.

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