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22 Jun 2008

“People do not like this democracy of ideas!”, I declared. “No-one wants some faceless, nameless crowd telling him what’s right”.
Clearly, saying “Wikipedia says that…” or “Wikipedia tells us that…” is pure bunk. You can’t trust a shifting, amorphous blob of knowledge and experience, sloppily edited and sporadically sourced. What we need, what we crave, as a culture, is a figure of authority to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong!

So my proposition is that whenever I’m about to say “Wikipedia says…”, I’ll instead replace it with “Jimmy says…”. Jimmy shall be our Wikipedia surrogate, named after Jimmy Wales, of course. Jimmy will be this smart-alecky kid who always has an answer for any question you throw his way, even obscure references out of left field. A sort of geeky know-it-all with a smug sense of self-satisfaction whenever he gets something right.

And then I realized I was just projecting myself, and decided to leave well enough alone.

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22 בJune, 2008 בשעה 16:38

You do an injustice to youtself

To thine self be kind!



24 בJune, 2008 בשעה 07:26

Re: You do an injustice to youtself

Injustice? I just equated my random assortment of knowledge with the sum of knowledge inside Wikipedia. Any more back-patting and I really will be insufferable.



22 בJune, 2008 בשעה 19:50

Can we say “Jimmy says…” and mean Jimmy James instead?



23 בJune, 2008 בשעה 21:54

I’d do it…

…If it weren’t that in order to explain who Jimmy Wales is, you linked to Wikipedia.

Q: Who is Jimmy Wales? I don’t know who Jimmy Wales is!

A: Ahhhhh, Wikipedia knows who Jimmy Wales is!



24 בJune, 2008 בשעה 07:23

Re: I’d do it…

‘xactly. Jimmy knows who Jimmy is. Jimmy always talks about himself in the third person. Jimmy likes to talk about Jimmy. Jimmy is stuck in an introverted navel-gazing loop from day one.

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