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21 Jun 2003

It’s very convenient, I think, that penises (and vaginae, I assume) also serve a urinatory purpose in addition to their reproductive functions.
Otherwise it would push up the schedule for those birds’n’bees talks to about age 3 or so, with the inevitable “Mommy, what’s that thing between my legs supposed to do?” questions.

Hmm. Maybe it would be for the best.

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21 בJune, 2003 בשעה 22:36


You just posted that to get outraged comments, right? Cause you certainly got me surprised.



21 בJune, 2003 בשעה 22:44

Re: Fish

Basically I posted that as an excuse to write “vaginae”.



22 בJune, 2003 בשעה 06:06

Mixed Plumbing

First, Vaginae don’t have a urinatory purpose; the pee-pee is located somewhere slightly above. Lots of equipment in a cramped and inaccessible region, and pubic hair just makes it all more obscure and confusing.
Second, your point echoes something Jack Cohen brought up: that an unfortunate evolutionary plumbing mix-up has given us dirty jokes and dirty pictures and the whole notion of sex as “dirty”.
In other words, if the two functions were distinct, you could just tell the kids that “that’s for making babies” or “that’s for sex”. It wouldn’t have a negative or awkward connotation.
I hope.
– Dotan

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