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13 Jun 2003

Twas the night before Friday, and all through my room,
  The things on the floor felt the footsteps of doom.
The clothes near the hamper, the crap on the ground,
  You wouldn’t believe underneath what I found!
Lost CDs, old presents and dusty remains
  Things rotting and hidden, things left in the rain.
My music collection received special care –
  I opened each CD to see what was there.
I dusted and washed, put some order and shape.
  I might even consider re-hanging that drape.
My room feels much cleaner – no laundry or trash,
  Makes it feel so much better to come in and crash.
The mess that I had was beyond all compare,
  I really don’t know why I let it get there.
I have never been one for pedantry or neatness
  My ordering efforts all show incompleteness
But this has been something just plain off the chart,
  with things all around me just falling apart.
Was this some strange sign of ensuing depression?
  Perhaps even a sign of some pent-up aggressions?
I don’t know, I’m not sure, there’s a lot on my mind.
  Justifications I’m sure I could find.
No avoiding the facts – last few weeks were no fun.
  Not sleeping, confused, constantly on the run.
But though nothing has changed in these last day or two,
  With confusions galore, stress, fatigue, pain and rue,
Still for some reason now things no longer look glum
  I’ve rested and no-longer feeling so numb.
I still have many question, the future unknown,
  and I’m still not quite used to this being alone,
But I’m getting it back – my old trademark calm,
  The cleaning today like a cool soothing balm.
Now I’m feeling much better, I’ve got nothing to say.
  The morning is just a few hours away.

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